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Wirelessly transfer and backup your photos and videos
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PhotoSync lets you backup and share the photos and videos stored on various portable devices, such as Android phones and tablets as well as iPhones and iPads. It supports sending data to computers, the cloud, and FTP sites. The program eliminates the necessity to use a USB cable for your transfers and it has the main advantage of making a direct connection between devices without using a server.

As mentioned above, the tool can transfer video footage and photographs, and luckily their metadata are kept intact. However, unlike many other similar programs, PhotoSync cannot transfer other types of files, such as documents and music.

Of all the programs of this type I have tried, this one is definitely the easiest to use. Yet, you should know that you need to install the corresponding application on your portable device. To make a transfer, you only need to drag the files onto its drag-and-drop area. Then, it automatically all devices running the app within reach and lets you select one as the target. Not only that, it can also allow you to view your pictures and videos directly from a web browser.

All in all, PhotoSync is a simple and effective way to backup and transfer videos and photographs between devices independently of their platform. Fortunately, it is absolutely free to use and does not require a lot of system resources.

Pedro Castro
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  • Cross-platform data sharing
  • Supports backing up to the cloud and FTP servers
  • Easier to use than other similar tools
  • Supports viewing photos and videos on a web browser
  • Eliminates the need of a USB cable
  • Does not require a server


  • Supports a limited number of filetypes
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